Personal Tax Checklist

Please review this checklist in detail and ensure that you include all slips and tax info that applies to you when submitting your personal taxes to us.

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T4, T4A, T4OAS, T4AP, T4PS, T4RIF, T4RSP, T4E, T5007

These are all income slips and should be provided to us in duplicate for every member of your family for whom we are preparing taxes.

Tips: If you are awaiting any T slips, don’t worry we can access all your T Slips directly from CRA on your behalf.

Investment Income/Loss

T5’s, T3’s & T5008 (Statement of Securities Transactions) provided by investment companies, banks, Carrying Charges and Interest Expenses such as applicable accounting advice fees, management and investment consel fees.

Tips: Did you know if you invest in a TFSA you will not receive a T5 Slip and you will not pay any taxes on interest and/or dividends?

Form T2200 for Comission Employees (Declaration of Employment Conditions)

Office and Employment Expenses must be signed by your employer and filed with your return. Please provide details of your employment expenses, including details of your home office and vehicle use if applicable. Commission works who receive a T2200 is able to claim T777 Statement of Employment Expenses.

Tips: Did you know that you can submit a TD1X Statement of Commission Income and Expenses for Payroll Tax Deductions Form to your employer every year to change your tax deductions to account for your commission expenses?

Form T2200S for Non Commission Employees (Declaration of Employment for Working at Home Due to Covid-19)

As an employee, you may be able to claim certain Home Office Expenses (work-space-in-the-home expenses, office supplies, and certain phone expenses). This form is only for employee who worked from home in 2022 due to Covid-19. The employer must complete and sign this form if the employee chooses to use the detailed method to calculate their home office expenses. Please provide details of your employment expenses, including details of your home office.

Tips: Did you know that if you did not receive a T2200S, you can still claim home office expenses using the CRA temporary flat rate method?

Professional Dues

Annual union, professional or like dues paid personally or reported on box 44 of your T4.

Charitable Donations / Political Donations

Receipts showing date, amount paid, payee’s name and registered charitable donation number.

Universal Child Care Benefits (UCCB) slip

Claim repayment amount of UCCB income from previous year’s RC62 slip.

Tuition/Education Fees

Official tax receipt from an educational institution (Form T2202A) & other receipts over $100. You can also carry forward unused amounts from previous years.

Tips: Did you know unused current credits can be transfered to a spouse or parents?

Canada Training Credit

If you were at least 26 and less than 66 years old at the end of 2022 and you have a Canada training credit limit for 2022 on your latest notice of assessment or reassessment for 2021, you may be eligible to claim this refundable tax credit for up to half of your eligible tuition and other fees paid to an eligible educational institution in Canada for courses you took in 2022, or fees you paid to certain bodies for an occupational, trade or professional examination taken in 2022.

Interest paid on student loans

Provide the lending institution’s interest statement for the calendar 2022 year.

RRSP /Home Buyers Plan/Life Learning Plan

Contribution slip(s). If you don’t know your limit, call Tax Information Phone Service (TIPS) or login to CRA My Account for Individuals to obtain this information.

Tips: Did you know CRA has increased the HBP for first time home buyers from $25,000 to $35,000?

Can’t access or don’t remember your limit? Don’t worry we can access all your RRSP details directly from CRA on your behalf.

Child Care Expenses

Expense Receipts showing the amount paid, date of payment, name, and address of the payee, and the payee’s Social Insurance Number (if applicable).

Alimony/Support Payments

Amounts paid or received including to or from whom, and the payee’s or payor’s Social Insurance Number.

Dependant Credit

Name of the dependant, date of birth and relationship to you.

Disability Supports Deduction

You can claim disability support expenses incurred by individuals who have an impairment in physical or mental functions.

Medical Expenses

Annual statement from your pharmacy, dentist, and other medical practitioners with the summary and total of each type of medical expense. Total allowable medical expenses must be over 3% of total income.

Tips: You can request a tax statement from your pharmacy and dentist with the total of your medical expenses. You can also print out a statement from your insurance company with the details of what was covered and what was paid out of pocket. Did you know certain cannabis products purchased for a patient for medical purposes will be considered eligible medical expenses for the medical expense tax credit?

Digital news subscription tax credit

For the 2020 to 2024 tax years, individuals may be able to claim a non-refundable tax credit if they paid for a qualifying digital news subscription with a qualified Canadian journalism organization.

Property Tax Credit

Proof of Property taxes and/or rent paid, address of residence, number of months in residence during the year and the name of the person or municipality to whom the payments were made.

Tips: You can request a statement or a receipt of total rent paid for the year. If receipts are not given, you can use your payment from your bank account or canceled cheque as proof of payment. Please note that this Tax Credit is only eligible for low- to moderate-income households to help offset rent and property tax payments.

Reporting the sale of your principal residence

Date of acquisition, proceeds of disposition and address will be reported on your tax return when you sell your principal residence to claim the full principal residence exemption.

Home accessibility tax credit (HATC) for seniors

You can claim to a maximum of $10,000 for Eligible expenses incurred for work performed or goods acquired for a qualifying renovation of an eligible dwelling of a qualifying individual.

Rental Income/Loss

Address of rental property, number of units, details of rental income and allowable expenses that are deductible, including Social Insurance Number and name of owner and percentage of ownership.

Capital Gains/Loss

Types & number of shares, date of acquisition, proceeds of disposition, cost or adjusted cost base, outlays, expenses, etc.

Foreign Asset Reporting

Individuals who own specified foreign property/investments costing more than $100,000 must provide Specified foreign property details in order to prepare a T1135 – Foreign Income Verification Statement to submit to CRA. Limited Partnership T5013 & the reports from the limited partners.

Personal Tax Installments

Copies of Statement(s) of Account from Canada Revenue Agency showing total amount of installments paid during the taxation year.

Tips: Not sure what you paid in installments? Don’t worry we can access all your installment details directly from CRA on your behalf.

Did you know you can now make payments to CRA via a credit card or Paypal?

Unincorporated Business (Sole Proprietor)

A detailed list of revenue and expenses, copies of GST/HST Returns and any other information required. Please refer to our Personal Tax Tool in our Client Free Resource section of the CPA4IT Website for a detailed description of what you can deduct as an expense.

Tips: Did you know that if you are self-employed or claiming employment expenses, you may be able to claim capital cost allowance on zero-emission vehicles?

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