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We have introduced our New Client Zone Liscio where you can view your CPA4IT tax reports and financial statements as of August 2021, see who’s working on a specific document, and upload your files anytime. This dynamic process of accessing and sharing content in one place makes it flexible for you and your schedule. You can also securely communicate with your account manager via this portal.

An email has been sent to all clients with the invitation to activate your CPA4IT Liscio Account. Once you have activated your account, please follow these instructions to access your new Client Zone Website:

  1.  Click on Liscio Login

  2. Enter Your Username which is your Email Address and

You will be directed to the Liscio which is a secure File Sharing and Mobile Client App.

To change your password, once logged in, go to the left panel and select Profile Settings, Change Password and follow the instructions.

If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot your password?” feature to retrieve a temporary password which will be sent to you via email.

Please follow these instructions to on how to upload your corporate tax return documents to your secure Liscio client portal:

  1. Once inside the client area, on the left hand side, click “Files”.

  2. On the top right corner, click on the tab “+ Upload File”.

  3. The recipient of the files should be sent to Your Account Manager and the Account is your Company Name. Please select the Tax year and your Month is your yearend month that you are requesting us to prepare on your behalf. Please also include the Tag Client Submission. (How to Upload a file Instructions)

  4. You can include a Message to your Account Manager when uploading your documents.

  5. Either Drag and Drop the files in the File Section or you can Browse and select the files. (Please note that you cannot upload Folders, only individual files)

  6. Click Upload and once you have uploaded all your documents, your account manager will receive your message so that we can commence the preparation of your corporate tax.

We truly appreciate your trust and loyalty to us.  

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