Dext-Receipt Bank Account

Stop Wasting Time on Receipts.
Start Growing your Business

Dext-Receipt Bank is an easy automation app for collecting, processing and publishing receipts and invoices.

You didn’t go into business to do paperwork. Dext-Receipt Bank tracks, reads and stores your receipts and invoices on the go, so you can focus on what matters.

We include a series of solutions to help your practice grow. From automation essentials to workflow enhancement and process tracking, you spend more time adding value and less time on paperwork.

Automated bookkeeping
for your business that
you can trust.

Running your own business is hard enough without having to keep track of receipts and invoices.

Dext-Receipt Bank makes it simple, turning those annoying bits of paperwork into data you can use to help you drive your success. And with 99.9% data extraction accuracy, it’s technology you can trust.

Our experienced account managers help you with onboarding, implementation and more.

CPA4IT Team members have been providing excellent accounting services to IT start-ups, Knowledge Workers, IT Professionals, IT Consultants, Project Managers and Freelancers for over 30 years now.

CPA4IT is a firm of
the future

We leverage the latest cloud technology to simplify your accounting and enable you to work where you want when you want. We have created a practice with just that focus, small business, IT consultants and other Knowledge Workers. We love to make your life easier. It is one of our values at CPA4IT.

Claim every expense

Stop losing paperwork. Just snap your receipt with our app and you’re done.

No More Data Entry

Our AI-powered system reads your receipts for you quickly and accurately.

Secure Cloud Storage

Stop storing paperwork with our secure online filing cabinet.

Easier Expense Reports

Get reimbursed faster with simple, one-click expense reports.

For a limited time, CPA4IT is offering a Wholesale price to Dext-Receipt-Bank from the standard retail price of $37.50 per month under a monthly plan, to just $25 per month.

Accounting is changing
everyday. Are you ready
for the future?

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