By helping entrepreneurs organize their finances, create wealth, and transform wealth into a legacy.

Our Values

We ask questions, perform research and analyze data to increase our knowledge and understanding: We strive for constant and never-ending improvement.

We learn from our cumulative experiences both good and bad. in every situation we seek to understand; What have we done that works well? What is something we can do better? and what have we not tried before?

We fall in love the the problem and not the solution; We recognize that the pain of tax is permanent, but, our solution is always evolving.

We leverage technology and ISO Standards to create systematic processes and checklists for our team and our clients. We audit these systems externally to ensure they adapt to our ever-changing workplace.

We build trust through open, authentic communication; we assume positive intent and we are the first to extend trust. We lead with friendliness and we are accessible to everyone we meet.

We lead with care to every person we meet. We are always open to ideas and believe they can come from anyone, no matter their religion, belief’s, nationality, gender, or position.

Our Vision

to increase retention, meet customer needs in a timely and effective manner and generate more referrals.

to increase our profitability, customer satisfaction and turnaround time.

to optimize our systems and processes, build more proprietary tools and dominate as industry leaders.​

to demonstrate our industry expertise, validate our value to our customers and extend our reach.

to reach entrepreneurs and to build a dedicated and loyal customer base.

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A great small business tax accountant does more than just measure value, they create it. At CPA4IT our goal is to save you substantially more than it costs you for our services. Over the last 30 years we have developed tax strategies designed to help you keep more of your hard earned money. If you would like to learn how we can help you pay less tax, simply download our FREE Guide to Pay Less Tax.