Independent Contractor Benefits


When talking with an independent contractor, consultant or project manager, here are some of the reasons why recommending our accounting firm makes sense. As the largest accounting firm in Canada providing services to the independent contractor they can rest easy knowing that:

 Our advice is the best advice available, based on our experience since 1984 with thousands of independent contractors. Because we specialize in this field, nobody understands the tax and accounting issues regarding independent contractors and independent professionals like we do.

Our recommendations are based on benchmarking thousands of other individuals in similar situations so the independent contractor can have confidence knowing that our recommendations are based on fact, not speculation.

CPA4IT believes that it is our role to represent the needs of the independent contractor and is always assertive in searching for and applying deductions that their business is eligible for, all in order to maximize their net income and minimizing the tax they have to pay.

 We make available audit insurance to protect them from a government audit, should they wish to discuss this service.

 Over time we have developed an extensive network of partners from whom they can obtain additional services including insurance, financial planning, health benefits and other services which the independent contractor may need to run their business.

 Our extensive website is available to independent contractors for quick, cost efficient access to pertinent data and information, on a wide variety of issues including accounting, tax, cross border contracting and other similar matters.

 And last but not least, our association with your firm.

 When you refer independent contractors to CPA4IT to incorporate or use our accounting services you can be sure that they are receiving the highest quality services, specific to their field, which the industry has to offer. We appreciate the referral and will always work to make sure that we enhance the relationship you have with your independent contractors!

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