Filing US Taxes In Canada

If you have to file in Canada and US,

Read our common FAQ’s

U.S. citizenship can only be acquired in two ways: at birth or through naturalization.

If you’re a Canadian living in the U.S. but not a U.S. citizen, we can help you file your 8840 Closer Connection Exception Statement to demonstrate your ties are closer to Canada than to the U.S.

We have a variety of U.S. filing options to help you comply with all U.S. tax laws, even if this is your first time filing.

We offer a range of options for those who wish to file for previous years, including the Streamlined Program and the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure.

Our team will help you prepare your final expatriate return to meet all U.S. Tax Code rules and regulations.

You may have more filing requirements than a simple tax return. Contact our Tax Expert to help you file your Form 8621 to report any gains inside your mutual funds. Please also note this is different than Canadian tax return reporting requirements.

Any income collected is taxable in the U.S. Speak to one of our Tax Experts for help filing Form(s) 8621, 3520-A and/or 3520.

Funds in an RESP are considered to be held in trust for a child. To include them on your return, you must complete Form(s) 3520-A and/or 3520. And as RESPs usually contain mutual funds, you may need to complete Form 8621. It’s also important to report any gains on these accounts on your U.S. tax return.

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