T2 File Preview

#Work StepsRef./Forms Used
1The AT responsible for the file, reviews the client file to determine if any documents are missing
2AT confirms the clients method of bookkeeping. If client uses a cloud-based bookkeeping tool, AT to confirm if we have access, review bookkeeping to confirm if all adjusting entries have been completed and download all reports in order to commence data entry. If we do not have access, a request is made to the client and if adjusting entries have not been made, confirm with the client if he/she will completed on their own or if clients wants us to provide this service.
3If year end information from client is complete, the AM then notifies the client that the info has been received and will be put into process Proceed to step 4. If year end information is incomplete, AT keeps file, contacts and follow up with client for missing information by email, or phone, to request outstanding documentation. Once all information is received the file is ready for Data Entry Process.CRM/ Infusionsoft
Stage 2
Stage 3
4AT reviews working papers and AM prior notesCaseware
5AT reviews Client Error Report, export into Excel and Upload to SharefileCRM/Infusionsoft/Sharefile
6AT confirms if T1135 is required and then complete the Preview FormCRM/Infusionsoft
7AT or SA to begin inputting dataCaseware
8AT sets up Caseware file and copy the entire “MODEL 00” for 1st year clients or if existing client, roll over previous year file and enter opening balance where applicable.T2 Corporation Income Tax Guide Caseware
9AT sets up standard T2 file in Profile and save inside Caseware file.Profile
10AT updates T2 WIP and CPACRM/Infusionsoft Stage 4 CPA

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