T2  Final review and invoicing of file

#Work StepsRef./Forms Used
1Senior AM reviews all working papers to ensure it matches with trial balance numbersCaseware
T2 Profile
2Senior AM reviews tax return, ensures issues are cleared in Caseware by AM. If issues are not cleared the file is sent back to AM to clear and repeats W.I 602-6 if applicableCaseware
3Senior AM prints out trial balance, schedule 1 and T2 summary in PDF, forwards email to AT to prepare T2 Finalized package and updates T2 WIP and CPACaseware
T2 Profile
Stage 6
4AT creates accountants copyfile in Caseware. If changes have been made, also update Caseware IssuesCaseware
5AT finalizes file and sends to OM for final review of packageCRM/Infusionsoft
Stage 7
6OM Checks CPA WIP account and accrue any additional CPA time, check invoice amount to make sure not over budget.CPA
7Send email to all staff working on the file to make sure their time is releasedCPA
8Add audit insurance to invoice If requested. If US taxes were prepared, charge $350 for 1120F/8833CPA
W.I 608-2 (2)
9If the WIP is high and the write off is more than $100 the invoice gets discussed with the AMCPA
10If QBO/Xero/HubDoc file, Office Manager confirms charges and requests Admin to enter charges into CPA.CPA
11OM prepares final invoiceCPA
12OM Attaches invoice to Accounts Copy file in Sharefile and updates T2 WIPSharefile
CRM/Infusionsoft Stage 8
13OM forward the finalized package to Admin to release to client
14Then OM sends email to admin and cc’s SA, to publish client final documents which will be uploaded to client zoneLiscio
15The reports are published and a confirmation email is sent to AT to advise this has been done.Sharefile
16AT reviews published reportsSharefile

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