T2 Log in Process

#Work StepsRef./Forms Used
1Corporate information is submitted to our office from client via client drop off, mail, fax, or client uploads documents to client portal. If documents are received via mail or client drop off, receptionist scans the documents, upload to client portal and notify the AM and copies OM.Sharefile – Client Submission
2After the original documents have been scanned, receptionist retains hard copy client files that was received at reception from client in order to return to clientW.I. 602-8 (3)
3If the information is forwarded directly to AT, SA, or AM they notify the client that the info has been received and will be put into process. Proceed to step 4
4The file is then passed to the AT responsible for the file. The Office Manager is cc’d on this client email
5AT confirms if any client updates need to be made in CRM/Infusionsoft database. If so, email receptionist to request updates to be made in CPA and CRM/InfusionsoftCPA CRM/Infusionsoft
6Receptionist updates client information into CPA and CRM/InfusionsoftW.I. 606-1 (3)
7AT updates T2 WIP login to Stage 1. Check is US income, if yes please see US Corporate Taxes, W.I 608-2.CRM/Infusionsoft
Stage 1
W.I 608-2 (2)
8Office Manager checks AR and WIP in CPA and records GW’s time on file. If WIP is high, OM to inform AM to discuss potential higher fees with client. If outstanding AR, OM to inform AM to halt T2 Process and request admin to follow up with client to clear AR.CPA

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