T2  Release of Corporate Year End Package 

#Work StepsRef./Forms Used
1The file is passed to the Admin by OM
2Admin to call or email client and let him/her know the T2 package is completed. Inform client that the paperless file has been uploaded to the client portal for access including Client Checklist. Check the client’s A/R balance in the CPA and notify client of balance owing.CRM/Infusionsoft
T2 Pick Up
3Admin will send T183, Engagement Letter and T1135 and/or US1120F if applicable for signing. Request client to sign the forms and return to usLiscio
4Admin returns hard copy client files that was received at reception back to client if applicable
5If the client wants to pick up the hard copy client files and make payment in person, request client to sign Form T183, Engagement Letter and T1135 if applicable.
6If client prefers the hard copy client file to be mailed or couriered, client can pay the invoice by credit card over the phone. Admin will inquire with courier about the shipping cost. Arrange delivery date and fill out the courier waybill. Invoice client for courier fees.CRM/Infusionsoft
7Admin to update T2 WIPCRM/Infusionsoft
Stage 12
8Admin will ensured signed copy of T183, Engagement Letter and T1135 and/or US1120F if applicable is uploaded to sharefile and update T2 Efile ReportT2 Efile Report
9Admin to mail signed 1120F US Tax return to IRS if applicable
10Customer Service Representative reviews T2 Efile Report daily and if file is okay to be sent electronically, e-files Federal Tax returns to CRA. Prints CRA efile confirmation to PDF and uploads to Sharefile with scanned signed T183 and T1135 if applicable, and locks the client’s T2 file.T2 Profile
T2 Efile Report
11If file is not able to be e-filed, file is returned to AT to print paper file and consolidate Government copies. AT changes Properties in Profile to “Paper File” and locks file.T2 Profile
12Admin contacts client to request client to sign and mail Paper file to CRA

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