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Claiming your tuition

Track down your T2202 form – every student receives one and it outlines all the tuition fees you paid for the year. It helps full and part-time students calculate the education amount, which is based on how many months you were in school. Hang on to your T2202 because without it, you can’t claim tuition and education amounts.

transfer credits

Transfering credits

If you don’t need to use the full amount of your credits this year, then you can either transfer the unused portion to a parent/grandparent, or carry it forward to claim the credits in future years. Alternatively, you’ve got the option to transfer the unused portion to your partner if you’re married or living common-law.

Moving expenses

Did you move more than 40 kilometres to attend school or get a summer job? If so, there could be the opportunity to expense transportation and storage, travel, temporary living, and more. However, there are some restrictions to keep in mind. For example, if you are claiming moving expenses to attend school, they can only be claimed against taxable scholarship income, but most scholarship income is not taxable.

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